The Amazigh Spring

23/04/2013 19:34

To whom it may concern : The Kabyle political struggle meanings.
The Kabyle people reject to assume themselves as Algerian !!! Why ?

Meanwhile, too many Algerian peoples are in accordance to accept themselves as “Arabs” ! Undoubtedly, that is their own duty, and they are free to think about themselves everything they want !
But, in opposite, the Kabyle people has always rejected the arabo-islamism colonialist ideology, for they are democrate and secular Amazigh (meaning: free men) from the begining and so, they are determined to remain as such resolutely, until everlasting times !
Hence, Bouteflika, the Algerian designated “president”, obviousely claiming himself also arabic, was never elected in Kabylia, both for his three previous terms. As a consequence, the Kabyle people do not recognize him at all, since they never participated to algerian rugged elections ! This conflict situation is known as “the Kabyle question” which Kabyle people have enterprised a lengthy paceful political fighting initiated from April 1980 to establish their self-governed state. This pacefull struggle still continues up to now.
Yesterday, the Kabyle people, throughout Kabylia homeland, organized huge demonstrations to commemorate the XXXIII° anniversary of what henceforth was called “The Amazigh Spring” (because the movement was precisely started during spring season).

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